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Puerto Rico

Top Puerto Rico tourist attractions

A tropical utopia nestled in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is the perfect retreat for lazy sunbathing and action-packed adventure. Puerto Rico is known for its sun-kissed golden beaches and a landscape dotted with palm trees. Be ready to be dazzled by the incredible Spanish colonial architecture, breathtaking views, and mesmerising coral reefs. In Puerto Rico, you can engage in all types of fun activities, ranging from surfing, diving, and snorkelling to simply experiencing the beautiful culture and cuisine of the island.

Without further delay, Know The Fact brings you the top places you can visit in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

El Yunque National Rainforest
To witness Puerto Rico’s rich hinterland beauty, do visit the El Yunque National Forest. The lush forest not only covers Pico El Yunque but also covers the Luquillo Mountains. El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rainforest in the National US Forest System. The forest is home to around 240 species of trees and hundreds of species of plants. Visitors can also see smaller wildlife throughout the forest. Visitors will notice that the validate is cooler and wetter as compared to the coast. 13 trails ranging from easy to difficult are available for visitors.
The main attractions in El Yunque National Forest include La Coca Falls, Yokah Tower, Bao Grande, Bao de Oro, and La Mina Falls. Do not forget to wear waterproof clothes and bring waterproof gear, as it can get quite wet in there!

Fort El Morro,
One of the primary attractions in Old San Juan and one of the most loved destinations in Puerto Rico is El Morro Fort. Its original name was Fuerte San Felipe del Morro. Standing tall since 1539, the experience at the fort will take you back in time. Take a walk on the well-kept grounds of the fort to be awestruck by its grandeur.
Wander into the dungeons, walkways, ramps, and tunnels built in the 1800s and experience time standing still. Climb on the walls and up the guard towers to witness the captivating oceanic view, the picturesque Old San Juan, and the modern city towering behind. With its lights lit up, El Morro looks magical at night.

Antiguo San Juan
Take a walk through the winding cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, surrounded by 16th and 17th-century Spanish colonial architecture. Enjoy the lively environment enriched by history and culture. Take a break at the relaxing restaurants and outdoor cafes of the old city. Visitors can also experience modern Puerto Rican culture in the city too.

Mosquito Bay
Be sure not to miss the glowing waters of the bioluminescent bays at night. This water appears magical due to the result of many factors, such as the water’s shallow depth, high temperature, low circulation, and high nutrients. The combination of these qualities makes it an ideal habitat for dinoflagellates and plankton, and voila! You get to enjoy the stunning sight of star-studded skies and glowing water. Visitors can swim, take a tour in a boat or a canoe, or simply watch from the shores. Mosquito Bay is considered the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. Its true beauty is hard to capture on camera.

Fort San Cristóbal
Fort San Cristóbal isn’t as popular as Fort El Morro, but it is definitely a must-visit on your trip to Puerto Rico. This less-known beauty was constructed to repel naval attacks. It is way bigger than El Morro, and visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the shore, wander through its sprawling complex, and visit its dungeons and tunnels. Fort San Cristóbal is the largest Spanish fort built in the New World. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Culebra Island (Isla Culebra)
Culebra Island not only boasts beautiful beaches and lush green hills; its coral reefs are some of the best in the Caribbean. The island has a relaxed air to it. One of the most famous tourist attractions is the horseshoe-shaped Playa Flamenco beach. The water there is clear and ideal for swimming and diving. It is covered with white sand and dotted with palm trees. Another eye-catching place on the island is the Isla de Culebra National Wildlife Refuge. It is a beautifully preserved forest and also includes a small island named Cayo Luis Pea. The island has rugged terrain, making it an interesting hiking spot.

Rio Camuy Cave Park
Step into a different world at Rio Camuy Cave Park. Witness the mesmerising high caverns complete with gleaming waterfalls and luxuriant green hillsides and get lost in their splendour. The Ro Camuy Caves are the third-largest cave network in the world. Long ago, these caves were actually used by the indigenous people. Visitors can spot hundreds of thousands of sleeping bats. Their presence in the cave makes it warm.

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