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Dostarlimab cures all patients suffering from cancer in a trial for the ‘first time in history’.

Have we finally found the cure for cancer? Cancer, is a word that sends shivers down the spine. Can the culprit guilty of taking the lives of millions around the world each year finally be gotten rid of? Is Dostarlimab the much-awaited miracle medicine that can cure cancer? Know The Fact brings you uplifting news about Dostarlimab, a drug that will hopefully save millions of lives.

In an experiment that could be an important milestone in the history of humanity, the cancer drug Dostarlimab was given to
18 patients and appeared to cure every single patient during a clinical trial! The results have left doctors astonished and it raises hopes that humanity in the future can get rid of this disease, which is a leading cause of human death worldwide.

A small clinical trial of a drug named Dostarlimab was carried out by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. Every one of the 18 patients suffering from rectal cancer took Dostarlimab every three weeks for a period of six months, and surprisingly, in the end, every one of the 18 patients saw their tumours disappear.
The drug is said to have removed the rectal cancer from the patients’ bodies with minimal side effects. None of the patients suffered significant complications during the drug trial.

According to experts, after using the drug, cancer in patients was undetectable by physical exam, endoscopy, positron emission tomography, PET, scans, or MRI scans. According to the doctors, it should be noted that all the patients during the trial were in similar stages of cancer. Cancer had advanced locally in the rectum but had not spread to other organs.

Dostarlimab cures all patients suffering from cancer
Dostarlimab cures all patients suffering from cancer

The New York Times reported that the 18 individuals in the Dostarlimab clinical experiment had previously received cancer treatments, which included treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and invasive surgery. All these treatments have serious side effects and can cause bowel, urinary, and sexual dysfunction.
The 18 patients that had taken doses of Dostarlimab were expected to have to go through these surgeries as the next step in the research. However, much to the surprise of everyone, experts concluded that no more therapy was required. Experts were astounded by the trial’s outcomes. They stated that the total remission in every single patient was “unheard-of.”

Researchers wrote in their study that at the time of their report, none of the patients had received any chemoradiotherapy or undergone surgery. They claimed that no cases of progression or recurrence had been reported during the follow-up of the 18 patients. Oncologist Dr. Andrea Cercek described the heartwarming moment when the 18 patients learned they were cancer-free to the New York Times, saying there were many happy tears. According to cancer researchers who reviewed Dostarlimab, it
is promising. They said that a larger-scale trial is needed.

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