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Niagara Falls Aerial View, Canada

7 places you must visit in Canada in 2022

Canada is what comes to mind when we think about cooling off during the summer. The clear lakes and mighty mountains attract the human spirit to themselves. However, don't think of it solely as a summer retreat. The cold winters turn its summerish scenery into a winter wonderland. Every season…

Mexico’s Top 7 Places to Visit

Mexico is a beautiful country with lush green forests, warm sandy beaches, and a wonderful culture. It is a land where traditions meet and form a truly spectacular concoction of a unique and vibrant culture. Apart from its exhilarating natural beauty, Mexico's monuments and historical ruins attract swarms of tourists…
Puerto Rico

Top Puerto Rico tourist attractions

A tropical utopia nestled in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is the perfect retreat for lazy sunbathing and action-packed adventure. Puerto Rico is known for its sun-kissed golden beaches and a landscape dotted with palm trees. Be ready to be dazzled by the incredible Spanish colonial architecture, breathtaking views, and mesmerising…

Visit Miami! Ten things to do in Miami

The City of Miami, simply called Miami, is a coastal metropolitan city situated in Miami-Dade County in southeastern Florida, in the United States of America. Miami boasts a lively culture influenced by a diverse population from all corners of the world. Miami is called the "Magic City" for popping up…
10 best places to visit in California

10 best places to visit in California

The culture of California has historically had Mexican and Hispanic influences. Over the years, Asian immigrants have also added their culture, giving it a unique mix. Since the 20th century, Americans have been mesmerised by this golden state. By many, it is considered the perfect resort destination with its sun-kissed…