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7 places you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Barbados

Head to this beautiful Caribbean island with its welcoming soft sand beaches and soothing turquoise waters. Engage in fun activities such as swimming, snorkelling, fishing, and much more. Apart from the mesmerising shores and magical waters, Barbados has many more treasures to offer its visitors. Explore the island and know the fact about its historical sites along with intriguing caves and wildlife. Enjoy the British vibe of the island by engaging in cricket, polo, horse racing, and tea-drinking culture.

Places to visit in Barbados

Carlisle Bay
Carlisle Bay is one of the most interesting places where visitors can engage in snorkelling and scuba diving. The ocean has claimed some six vessels, beautifying the ocean floor. These sunken vessels are home to several types of tropical fish, stingrays, and turtles. Apart from that, its golden beaches and Mediterranean blue waters are perfect for a relaxing experience.

Harrison’s Cave
Want a cool, shady place to go after all that time at the beach? Don’t worry because we have the perfect retreat for you. Visit Harrison’s Cave. These underground caves are adorned with stalactites and stalagmites. Explore the natural passages and gaze at the wonderful waterfalls. Find peace with the silent pools and the soft murmur of flowing streams. A trip to Harrison’s Cave will surely be a magical experience!

Bathsheba Bay
Are you into surfing? Then Bathsheba Bay is the best place for you. The Bay is very popular among the surfing community and is called the “Soup Bowl” by them. Bathsheba Bay is special for its white foamy water. The oceanic waves in the bay have created rugged terrain on the coast. The breathtaking display of the abrasive power of the waves will surely capture your heart.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve.
The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a mahogany forest home to the exotic wildlife of Barbados. Enjoy the meandering trails of the peaceful park surrounded by nature. Photographers and wildlife enthusiasts will love the experience of free-range animals. Visitors get to see a variety of animals, including green monkeys, agoutis, iguanas, deer, snakes, caimans, and much more. The best time to visit the reserve is around 2 pm so you can be present at the feeding time.

Animal Flower Cave
The Animal Flower Cave is a wonderful place to visit. Not only is the cave mesmerizing, but so are the views one gets from the lookout above. The cave has big natural openings that are like windows to the ocean. Natural pools have been created by the spray of the waves, further beautifying the cave. There are restaurants on the cliff-side above the caves, offering spectacular views of the area. February to April would be a good time to visit. During this period, the majestic humpback whales can be seen swimming in the ocean.

Oistin Fish Fry
Want to enjoy your Friday evening with some delicious cuisine? Oistins’ Fish Fry is your go-to place. Oistins’ Fish Fry is a Friday night event where fresh fish, locally caught from the ocean, is grilled and served to start at 6 pm. Mouthwatering fish along with the beautiful oceanic backdrop make it a necessary experience for visitors.
Dozens of vendors show up on Friday night, and there are other dishes that visitors can try too. Visitors can also buy jewellery and trinkets sold by vendors along the ocean-side. Be sure to include a Friday night when planning your trip!

Downtown Bridgetown
When visiting Barbados, be sure to wander around the beautiful city of Bridgetown, the nation’s capital. Here, visitors can shop, grab a quick bite at a restaurant, and visit the many attractions of the city. Some of the attractions include the neo-Gothic style Parliament Buildings, National Heroes Square, George Washington House, the Barbados Museum, and many more. Chamberlain Bridge should definitely be on your list. Visitors can watch the picturesque view of docked yachts and colourful buildings from the bridge.

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